Case Study Innovaphot

“I want to offer parents a better and better service”


  • Parents have a wider choice and more control

  • The online sales are controlled by us and not the schools


Sylvain Levier contacted the team at Gotphoto because he was determined to sell nursery photographs online. His first experience – an internally developed solution – had proved unconvincing because parents were not logging into his online store, which resulted in disappointing sales.

Aware of the difficulties, Sylvain was convinced that the improvement of his online sales were necessary if he wanted to increase his revenue. He wanted a solution that was both simple and available to his team immediately. Furthermore, when speaking to groups of nurseries, Sylvain could not rely on the teachers to support the sale of his photographs.

Sylvain wanted a system that could handle online orders as well as one where he could directly market to parents.

“Innovaphot vision was that our online sales system would allow families a wide variety of photographs to choose from, as well as the flexibility for us to manage our customer relations.”

The Results

GotPhoto helped Sylvain set up his own online store with all the marketing capabilities he was looking for and to test the system Sylvain decided to start with 80 nurseries.

“the ability to apply a filter or to crop the photos really made the difference for some parents.”

Following the advice of the GotPhoto team, Sylvain collected one email address per family and launched promotional campaigns to significant benefits. For example, during a flash sale of four days, Sylvain achieved 25% of his monthly sales.

As well as the ability to offer a wide selection of photographs to his customers, it was the extensive range of products that particularly appealed to Sylvain: GotPhoto has allowed him to sell classic prints, posters, packages, mugs and many other products. Moreover he said, he has the tools to directly communicate with the parents and promote his photographs.

“In the past, we would only offer two or three photos per child and this was a problem for the parents. Now they can see all of their child’s photos, allowing them maximum choice.There is no middleman between us and the parents, allowing Innovaphot to deliver them an exceptional service”

Storing photographs online is effortless, they remain available for other family members or friends to make additional orders. GotPhoto has changed the way Sylvain works, for example, he would never send one of his team to take photos at a nursery with only 20 children, as it was not commercial viable. Now because of GotPhoto he is sending his photographers to smaller venues and recording income of over €30 per child.

Next for Innovaphot

Very happy with his experience, Sylvain Levier wants to further optimise his online store before the start of the new photography season by taking advantage of the new developments and features offered by GotPhoto. His ambition is to sell a photo of each child, he and his team take a picture of.

About Innovaphot

Paris, France

Sylvain Levier is the [Associate Director] of Innovaphot, a company based in the surroundings of Paris. Innovaphot is the successful rebirth of the French historical school photography company Tourte & Petitin, armed with the experience they have gathered since 1882.

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