Case Study: NiceSmile Photography


  • Average order size of £65+ for nurseries and private schools
  • Increased number of parents ordering per nursery to 75%
  • Lower costs due to no proof card production


NiceSmile Photography had previously used another online sales system, but found it came with many limitations that caused their number of sales to drop. In an attempt to increase the number of parents buying, they reverted back to proof cards. Stephen, the managing director, felt that in some cases the proof cards were effective, particularly if the nurseries worked with them to push deadlines for ordering. However, he knew that they were also limited when using the proof card system because they could only display four photos. Since NSP take around 15 photos per child, they felt that they were losing out.

Particularly, Steve feels that proof cards lose their impact if the photos are too small. He instead gave the parents multiple proof cards with a larger photo on each. There was also the cost of producing the proofs which for some nurseries, where they felt it was worth it, meant proofing all images totaling sometimes ten proof-cards for one customer. With proof cards at 40p each, this meant that their costs were high.


issues they were facing and help increase NSP’s number of orders. GotPhoto was able to onboard the team efficiently by giving individual training to the customer support team. This was to ensure that they knew how to deal with any complaints or queries that may arise.

Steve feels that the usability of the GotPhoto system is much better for the customers than their previous method and was happy to be able to offer parents an even wider variety of photos. The parents are able to use the site with much more ease and the photos are a good size, so the impact has become even greater than on proof cards from their previous system despite the extra-large proof images employed.

“Being an artist, I was very keen that the customer should have a fantastic viewing experience where the appearance of the retail portal is beautiful. I was a little ashamed of the appearance of our last system, but with GotPhoto I breathe a sigh of relief.” – Steve Mussell, Director.


After using GotPhoto, NSP found that the number of orders they were receiving per nursery was increasing, therefore they were able to reach their goal of getting a minimum of 75% of parents in each nursery to order, which had decreased often to as low as a 25% order rate. Additionally, NSP’s revenue per head had increased, in some nurseries it had almost doubled in comparison to the year prior without GotPhoto.

“I used to think £40 per head was good, but now our average is around £65+ per head for nurseries. This made a huge difference, by going from a business that was struggling to a company that now has a lot more liquidity.” – Steve Mussell, Director

About NiceSmile Photography

London, UK

NiceSmile are a school and nursery photography business based in London. Founded in 2003 in South London, the team now covers the whole of the UK with their innovative and unique photography making them a well sought after company.

In the words of Steve Mussell, the director: “NiceSmile is a group of creative photographers, on a mission to reinvent school photography and save the planet from cheese.”

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