Case Study Sean O’Shaughnessy

How I increased my average order size by 70%


  • Personalised reminders and notifications encouraged customers to visit Sean’s website

  • Sean’s new online shop led to an average order increase of 70%


Sean shared with us his concern about the photography market. During his 30 years as a professional photographer, Sean had witnessed the market become more competitive due to the pressure of larger companies. This pressure had pulled down the prices and put many photographers out of the business. Sean told us about parents becoming more demanding and hitting an average order of only £16.


A member of GotPhoto’s customer success team paid Sean a visit to assess his process and requirements. Sean was explained some of the key factors that have proven to increase the average basket size, such as; the number of photos uploaded, the QR Tagging process and the recommended products and prices. The GotPhoto team helped Sean set up his website and online shop with a layout optimised to improve the user buying experience.

“I was surprised how easy it was to start. In a matter of minutes, my online shop was set up and I was ready to shoot.”

Taking photos with the password card cards was straight forward, taking a matter of seconds. Urgency was a concern for Sean, since people were used to the proof card deadlines. To tackle this issue the GotPhoto team designed a system of deadlines and reminders that would generate a sense of emotional and financial urgency to motivate sales.

The Results

AvgOrderSize3Just hours after the shoot, Parents logged into Sean’s website and soon he had collected the more than 50% of all parents’ emails. GotPhoto’s integrated CRM system enables him to send notifications to parents and remind them to buy. Merely days after the photos were put online, Sean started recording orders between £30 and £70, with an average order increase of 70%.“What I like the most of GotPhoto is that it takes away from me the stress of processing the orders, once I upload the photos online, I don’t need to worry about dealing with the proof cards, everything is seamlessly automated.”

About Sean O’Shaughnessy

West Midlands, UK

About Us

Founder of Essay Photography, based in West Midlands. A highly experienced school photographer with a career spanning 30 years; the past seven of these years being spent purely focusing on the school photography.

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