How To Make The Most of Christmas Sales

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The end of the year presents the perfect time to make more of your sales by using automated newsletter campaigns. A classy email and great product selection will quickly bring the orders rolling in.

Our Recommendations for the Perfect Newsletter 

Why You Should Offer Other Products for Sales

If you want to re-advertise to past customers for Christmas, adjust your product range beforehand (you can do this in the price profile for GotPhoto customers). We recommend, in addition to your basic range and downloads, to offer a small assortment of quality products such as posters, canvases and photo gifts, as this is a good way to attract first-time buyers. Above all: create new excellent value packages that clearly present better value for customers compared to your previous offers.

Why? If your customers find exactly the same offer as when they first purchased they will not take your deal seriously. 

This can have a negative impact on your future sales – especially if you just provide the same pictures repeatedly. Therefore, make it clear through your subject title in the e-mail that this is an exclusive product offer and a one-time special event.

Ordering Deadlines for Your Customers 

For the holiday period, your customers want to be sure that their orders are delivered on time. We recommend when sending your Christmas newsletter to communicate the order deadlines.

Recommendation: December 11, 2020 by 5 pm, is the safest deadline.

As the deadlines of the different laboratories vary, it is best to get an exact overview below.

Best Delivery Time 

In order to reach the early and late decision-makers alike, we recommend sending out three separate emails.

E-Mail 1: Shipping around November 26, 2020, but no later than the end of November

E-Mail 2: Shipping on December 3, 2020

E-Mail 3: Shipping on December 11, 2020. After this printing orders are no longer possible. At this stage, it is great to offer also photo downloads to catch those who are running short on time.

Important: Adjust your price profile for this.

Burnouts can be a real problem for photographers – find out more about it and, most importantly, how to combat it through this helpful feature.

Personalised Templates 

In your GotPhoto account you will find three optimized e-mail templates in the “Settings > Templates” area for sending to your customers. Click here to go directly to the templates.

Put Archived Orders Back on Sale 

If you put an order that was archived back on sale just click on the ‘Sell’ button next to the black ‘Archive’ button.


  1. Uncheck “Archive order” or set a new date in the future. If the date is not changed, the system will always set the order to “archived”.
  2. Deactivate your communication profiles for the order or create new ones, such as the Christmas profiles. Otherwise, your customers will receive the same old alerts again.
  3. If your new price profile also includes other packages and some gift items, then your Christmas offer is ready to go on sale.

Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here.

And one more note:  The archiving of your job should have taken place preferably in the spring or summer. If too little time has passed since you offered the photos at your usual prices, your customers may not feel taken seriously.

The Complete Guide: Secondary sales of photos with promotional newsletters

1. Personalised Newsletters Boost Re-Orders

Due to their personal nature, photos are particularly popular as gifts – this year likely even more so. Especially during the pre-Christmas season, you should inform your customers about interesting offers and how they can benefit from re-orders.

Tip for GotPhoto customers: GotPhoto offers you the unique feature to use personalised newsletters. Each customer receives an individual message and a preview of their own photos. This links directly with the online gallery displaying eye-catching new promotions. We have designed special Christmas templates that you can use easily to boost sales.

2. The perfect subject line

In its 2020 E-Mail Statistics Report (“Executive Summary”) the market researchers of the Radicati Group estimated the number of e-mails sent daily until the year 2024 at about 361 billion. It is therefore especially important that your newsletter is already visible in the customer’s mailbox and does not fall into the flood of e-mails.

Tips for GotPhoto customers: Use our templates. We have already provided a great subject header for you to catch the reader’s eye.

Consider the following for the perfect subject line:

a) Address the Topic Clearly

The subject line is of paramount importance. It is the first means of customers identifying your campaign. A 2014 study by Nielsen Norman Group shows that users are more likely to open e-mails with a unique subject line. Therefore, do not be too vague and please address your concerns explicitly. Ideally, the most important keyword is written first.

b) 50 to 60 Characters

If the subject line is too long, there is a risk that certain e-mail programs will not display it completely. On mobile devices, the number of characters displayed is even significantly lower than on Desktop PCs. Most recommendations, therefore, range between 50 and 60 characters.

3. Successful Newsletter Design

Many customers look at newsletters for less than 15 seconds (source: Inxmail). After opening the e-mail only a few moments will decide on the success or failure of your campaign.

Therefore, make sure that you get to the point as quickly as possible. At best, use only short texts and concise headings. In addition, an attractive design that cannot be deemed an advertisement helps. This type of e-mail will guarantee a high response rate from your customers during the busy holiday season.

Tip for GotPhoto customers: To make life easier for our customers, we have designed, tested and optimized special e-mail templates for Black Friday and Christmas newsletters. These and other templates can be selected directly in the administration area.

Of course, you can customize the template to your preference. However, make sure you apply the offer as a one-time and time-limited promotion. Otherwise, you risk the impression that the photos are always available.

4. The Optimum Dispatch Time

In November to early December, four out of ten people are actively looking for presents (TNS & Google). The highest sales in Europe and the USA are traditionally made between the so-called “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, i.e. between November 27 and 30 this year.

Of course, there are always late shoppers to be expected and sales always soar in the final week before Christmas. In order to reach the early and late buyers, we recommend three separate Christmas newsletters.

1. Christmas E-Mail

Shipping time: Around November 26, but no later than the end of November.

This first newsletter addresses the so-called “Advent buyers” who mainly buy high-quality gifts. You should clearly communicate the order deadlines here, but do not try to build up too much selling pressure.

2. Christmas E-Mail

Shipping period: December 3

With the second e-mail, you can reach especially late buyers who require delivery prior to Christmas Eve. Therefore, be precise in stipulating the delivery conditions.

3. Christmas E-Mail

Shipping period: December 11

With the third and last e-mail, you can no longer offer print products, but you can still promote the sale of photo downloads. Adjust your price profile and offer downloads only. Your customers then still have the opportunity to buy their beautiful pictures as a Christmas gift. However, they have to print them themselves at a local supplier.

One last tip: most recipients read their e-mails directly in the morning or only in the evening. Keep this in mind when sending your newsletter. You can schedule the time and date accordingly in GotPhoto.

5. Newsletter with GotPhoto

Newsletter Design

Go directly to the newsletter function in your administration area, click here and log in with your GotPhoto customer data. Alternatively, follow these steps:

1. Log in to GotPhoto
2. Click the customers section
3. Go to the “Newsletter” tab

In the editor, you can either design your newsletter from scratch or use one of our Christmas templates. To select a template, click on the drop-down list on the right side and selected the desired e-mail such as Christmas. Feel free to then adapt the emails if you wish.

To personalise your texts, you can use placeholders, which are replaced directly with the corresponding customer data when sending the e-mails. Among the most important placeholders are the “photos of the customers”. Here, six preview images from the last shoot will be included in the newsletter. Do not forget: Personal photos trigger emotions that are conducive to sales.

The full list of wildcards can be found below the templates on the right. If you are using wildcards, please always check for accuracy before sending in the preview.

Caution: Do not put too much text in front of the photos. Firstly, it is always worthwhile to get to the point quickly. On the other hand, you should make sure that the photos definitely catch the eye of the customer after opening them.

Select recipient

If you are satisfied with your design, you can choose the recipients. Click on “Add / Remove” to get into your customer database. Using the filters, you can navigate through the various jobs and albums and add the customers you want to the campaign.

Tip: If you just want to write to all customers at once, do the following:

  1. Filter only on customer status and select all “buyers”.
  2. Click on “Add all”.
  3. Click on “Back to Newsletter”.

In the recipient field, you will now see the total number of customers who will receive the newsletter.

6. Insert Vouchers

If you want to get the most out of the season you can use special Christmas vouchers to create additional sales incentives. For this, a coupon must first be created. To do this go directly to the section “Vouchers” in your administration area, click here and log in with your GotPhoto customer data.

Alternatively, follow these steps:

1. Log in to GotPhoto
2. Select “Coupons” from the menu on the left and then “Add coupon”.

We recommend 15% on the entire cart with a three-day deadline from shipping. As a coupon code, you can e.g. Select “CHRISTMAS2020”. Finally, you only have to insert the voucher in the Christmas newsletter.

Annex I: Last Orders Overview

Last order options to ensure that delivery arrives before Christmas (as specified by labs).

Please note:

  • The deadlines may change slightly in the short term. The latest information can be found under “Labs & Products” in your account.
  • All deadlines are based on unmixed orders (e.g., an order period for “canvases” only applies to pure canvas orders).
  • For mixed orders, the deadline is the longest delivery time plus one day.
  • Possibly there will be extended delivery times due to high volumes.
  • Orders by direct debit and PayPal will be transferred directly to the laboratory after receipt of payment. In advance, however, there may be delays, for example, if customers do not specify the transfer purpose (order number) or not complete.
Direct Shipping11.12.2020 by 5 pm
All Products Batch Shipping11.12.2020
DS Colour Labs
Direct Shipping17.12.2020 by noon
Batch Shipping14.12.2020
One Vision Imaging
All Products21.12.2020
Colorworld Imaging
Direct Shipping21.12.2020
Batch Shipping14.12.2020

Annex II: Legal information

The e-mail address of the customer must have been obtained with the sale of a good or service. Only existing customers may be contacted. Only own products similar to those already sold may be advertised. Additional offers (up-selling) are also permitted. The customer must already be informed of his right to object when entering his e-mail address and in every newsletter.

So every time he has a contact address to offer, he can turn to unsubscribe from the newsletter. If the customer has made use of his right to object (opt-out) by unsubscribing from the newsletter, his address must be removed from the mailing list. Compliance with these four requirements ensures that you do not send spam illegally.


We draw your attention to the fact that the above-mentioned things merely serve the non-binding information purpose and do not constitute legal advice in the true sense of the word. The above information cannot and should not replace individual and binding legal advice that addresses your specific situation.

Dominic Bryant