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“It was quite a step to take joining GotPhoto because I am not one for dishing out money to anyone else. But your platform was the first where I could see I would be gaining more than I would be losing in the long run.”

Nathan Allan
Nathan Allan Photography

“Using GotPhoto’s partner lab to handle all our production has saved us at least 50% of our time. We can now purely focus on doing what we love and what we do best. It’s truly a revelation! GotPhoto really took the time to understand the needs of our business and provided us with useful advice to remain competitive. They informed us about how we could better structure our pricing, improve our packs to increase our number of sales and also how to market our business more effectively.”

Ella Bulaitis
Fresh School Photography

“I always judge a company by customer service. I am really pleased so far. My GotPhoto adviser has been contacting me by telephone and e-mails giving me support. He has been keeping an eye on my sales and settings which has really helped.”

– Paul Szczygielski
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“On a daily basis, we were probably taking about two hours a day to process the web orders and now we can do it within 20 minutes. So it’s a significant saving, over a week or over a season.”

Martyn Headley
John Hunt Photography

“Being an artist, I was very keen that the customer should have a fantastic viewing experience where the appearance of the retail portal is beautiful. I was a little ashamed of the appearance of our last system, but with GotPhoto I breathe a sigh of relief.”

Steve Mussell
NiceSmile Photography

“GotPhoto was from the beginning systematic and very approachable. They found solutions to our problems quite quickly.”

– Stu Williamson Photography

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