Case Study: John Hunt Photography


  • Saving over an hour and a half on their daily workflow
  • Integration with Halsys
  • Fewer complaints and issues from customers


John Hunt Photography were previously using an online shop system which had a variety of limitations. The team did not receive support integrating their online shop with Halsys, a system they’ve been using for six-years, and faced limitations on how they could sell their photos online.

“The customers couldn’t view the images online. There was no connection between the images and the shop anywhere, and because customers had to type in the barcodes when ordering, there were often mistakes.” – Martyn Headley, Director

John Hunt Photography were in need of a more advanced online sales system that could integrate their workflow software and their own FUJI minilab. As they had invested into their proofing process before using GotPhoto, they needed to use the proof cards for the upcoming season, despite wanting to go fully online. Therefore, they instead were able to integrate their proof cards with GotPhoto so that they could do both online and offline sales.



GotPhoto were able to integrate with the Export to Web functionality of Litebox. This meant that the team could generate proof cards, resize and retouch in Halsys, then export the credentials and photos to GotPhoto. They were also able to use GotPhoto’s EasyLab software to integrate their own lab into the system.

Naturally, a new online sales system would bring about change to the company and its employees. Therefore, the GotPhoto team went to Manchester and ran workshops with each department affected by these changes. This involved showing the customer service, production and photography teams how the new system would impact their everyday workflow.



The John Hunt Photography team switched to the online shop before the high season without any interruptions on proof card generation and production. One of the most significant changes that they found was the amount of time they were saving, allowing them to become much more efficient. They now see that they will continue to become more efficient in the future.

“On a daily basis, we were probably taking about two hours a day to process the web orders and now we can do it within 20 minutes. So it’s a significant saving, over a week or over a season.” – Martyn Headley, Director

About John Hunt Photography

Manchester, UK

John Hunt Photography are a specialist school photography company based in Manchester. Established over 30 years ago, they have been working with schools since 1986 and have grown to be the leading school photography company in the North West.

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