Online shop

Impress parents with a beautiful online shop built to sell school photography

Mobile-optimised shop

Your shop is optimised for selling on tablets, smartphones and PC’s right out of the box.

Continuous upgrading

The online shop is regularly being updated and improved.. We help increase the photographer’s annual revenue.

Create product packs

Combine products into individual packs. Add any product you want and define your own price.

Sell digital downloads

Digital downloads, charge or offer for free. Let your customers download all photos from their gallery for a single price with a discounted bundle option.

Beautiful presentation

Your photos will never look better online. We’ve made it our goal to deliver the best possible viewing experience on any device.

Smart price lists

Get started with our price recommendations. You can even set different prices depending on whether it’s a group photo or a single portrait.

Various shipping options

Photos & products can be delivered to you or directly to your customer. Make use of the batch shipping option to ship multiple orders to one address (e.g. the school’s address).

Multiple payment options

Set up multiple payment options for parents to choose from to ensure you never miss out on a sale.

Multiple languages

Your customers can choose their preferred language out of English, German and French.

Countdown timer

Create a sense of urgency for limited offers by displaying a countdown timer in your online shop.

Photo effects and cropping

Let your customers crop photos or add a personal touch with creative photo effects.

Private wish lists

Your customers can save favourite photos in private wish lists and share them with friends and family.

Client Accounts

Parents have the option to create an account specifically linked to your shop.

Create and manage your website

Our website builder lets you create and customise a beautiful website with responsive templates in no time. No coding required.

Your own domain

If you have your own domain name you can use it with GotPhoto. If not, choose a new one and we’ll link it to your GotPhoto website automatically.

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