Enterprise option 2

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How your enterprise will benefit

Save costs, stay up-to-date

Keep investments

Keep your current processes: photography, editing, production etc. We integrate with all of your legacy applications and bring together information from all the steps in the process.

Simple and flexible integration

Stay flexible with our simple integration. You can choose to migrate away from your current equipment and processes step by step as we continue to add new functionality.

Advanced sales system

Use the most advanced online sales system built to sell school photography, and it will become even more comprehensive over time, helping you to increase profit year after year.

How does the integration work?

The integration is simple. If you are the tech specialist at your
company, the following process chart might be of interest to you

Step 1: Export photos with passwords

Passwords can be linked to photos in many different formats: Passwords stored in text files, in file names, folder names or in image metadata can all be processed.

Step 2: Import orders

When returning orders back into your system, we provide you with various options: GotPhoto can push orders to your FTP server, you can pull orders from our FTP server or you can request orders from our REST API.

 No tech guy in your company?

Our integration team will happily support you
every step of the way with all the technical details

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