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We have compiled all of our best information into guides, webinars, and acquisition materials to help you get started or to grow your business.

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Materials to Download

School Business
School Guide New

School Photography Guide

Make the most of your school photography with this helpful guide featuring useful tips and exclusive insights from professional photographers on how to boost your revenue and much more.

Nursery Business

Nursery Guide

Looking to make your mark in nursery photography? Read up on these best tips and best practices for how to succeed in the industry with this extensively researched guide.

PSD-Templates for group fotos

Group Photo Templates

Our package includes 18 group photo templates in modern designs. In a short video, we explain how to insert the individual portraits into the template.

GDPR Business


Discover all the must-know information and useful tips on how to ensure your school photography business is UK GDPR compliant. Updated in November 2021.

Acquisition Business

Organic Social Media Guide

Make sure to find out how you can use social media in order to spread the word about you and your photography and attract new clients.

Acquisition Business

Paid Social Media Marketing Guide

Download this guide and learn how to unlock the potential of your photography business with our expert guide on paid social media marketing.

School Nursery
UK Pre-Registration Picture Day Poster

Pre-Registration Posters

Offer the possibility of pre-registration and contactless photography and use these customisable nursery and school pre-registration posters to get the message out!


Expert Interview: Why It’s Time to Get Started in Volume Sports Photography

Meet UK photographer Tony Blood and learn about sports photography in the UK and why now is the time to break into this promising market.

Mini Sessions Workflow

Mini Sessions Guide

Learn all about “minis”: how they’re set up and executed, and why you should offer them! Also: why your skills as a school photographer perfectly apply here.


Volume Sports Photography with GotPhoto

Download this flyer and check out more details on why GotPhoto is the all-in-one solution for volume sports photographers.

Mini Sessions Workflow

Mini Sessions – A Money Making Masterpiece with GotPhoto

Learn how mini sessions are easily and profitably set up with GotPhoto and why our volume photography system is ideal for offering this kind of photo shootings.

Workflow Mini Sessions

5 Tips to Making Mini Sessions Profitable

Download this whitepaper and get 5 quick tips on how to make your mini shoots more profitable and ultimately increase your revenue.


Free QuickComposite Demo

Group Photo Composites in just a few minutes: Choose from various designs, simply drag & drop the student pictures, save and ready!

Learn More & Download
Business Acquisition
how to win new customers mock up

How To Win New Customers

Get some useful tips on how to convince schools, nurseries and parents you are the perfect photographer for them. Additionally, be prepared for any questions they may ask you.


How To Order with GotPhoto

Want to explain to schools, nurseries and parents how ordering photos with GotPhoto works? Then take this customisable white paper with you.

Christmas Business

Christmas in Business 2023

Get the 2023 Christmas guide plus 25 email Christmas and holiday banners to choose from and a “Buy Local” stamp graphic for your holiday business.



On Demand Video

Here are our most recent webinars, live recorded Q&A sessions, and on-demand videos. For technical reasons, your registration for content is required for viewing.

Sports Workflow School
Advanced Lighting Techniques for School & Sports Photography
26.04.2024 135 Min Watch now
Business Workflow School Nursery
How to Maximise Your Volume Photography Sales: The GotPhoto Way
04.04.2024 46 Min Watch now
Webinar: Product Initiatives
06.03.2023 40 Min Watch now
Nursery School Workflow
Pricing – Ideas and tips to maximise sales for School & Nursery Photography
15.02.2023 45 Min Download PDF Watch now
Top Ten Hidden But Useful Features of The GotPhoto Admin
30.03.2022 40 Min Download PDF Watch now
Marketing School Nursery
Optimise Your Conversions With The Correct Marketing This School Year
17.09.2021 50 Min Download PDF Watch now
Contactless Workflow
TPS Talk with Lee Brooker: Contactless School Photography – How to future-proof your business
06.03.2021 30 Min Watch now
GotPhoto Refresher: The Perfect Workflow from A-Z
28.07.2020 59 Min Watch now
Contactless Nursery Style Business
Expert Interview: What A Contactless Nursery Picture Day Looks Like
25.06.2020 64 Min Download PDF Watch now
Workflow Business Contactless
How Contactless School Photography Works
04.06.2020 49 Min Download PDF Watch now
Workflow Business
Expert Discussion: How Coronavirus Will Change School Photography
28.05.2020 107 Min Download PDF Watch now
Marketing for School Photographers: Social Media Part II
16.04.2020 68 Min Download PDF Watch now
Marketing for School Photographers: Social Media Part 1
08.04.2020 78 Min Download PDF Watch now
Increase Revenue and Bookings with Stylish Images (Steve Mussell)
07.04.2020 75 Min Download PDF Watch now
Coronavirus: School and Nursery Photography Exchange
26.03.2020 53 Min Watch now
Planning Your School Photography Business in 2020
15.01.2020 49 Min Download PDF Watch now

Acquisition Brochures

You can order our acquisition brochures for nurseries and schools straight to your door and tailor them to your needs.

Professional Acquisition Brochures for Nursery

For nursery acquisition, we have designed these high-quality foldable brochures. Simply clip your own images inside and attach your business card to the front with our handy stick-on holders. To get off to a quick start, order with us.

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Professional Acquisition Brochures for School

For school acquisition, we have designed these high-quality foldable brochures. Simply clip your own images inside and attach your business card to the front with our handy stick-on holders. To get off to a quick start, order with us.

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Photographer Showcases

Ever wondered how other photographers work their magic? Hear from photographers using GotPhoto, on their technical setups, how they interact with children and much more.

Erica Morrow,

Slow Road Photo

Tim MacDonald,

Image Art Studio

Larissa Lord,

Larissa Lord Photography

Stephanie McCauley,

iSmile Studio