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Why It’s Time to Get Started in Volume Sports Photography
– 10 Questions Answered by UK Photographer Tony Blood

Volume sports photography consists of individual and team athlete portraits, rather than action-based shots.

Tony Blood: “I would say if you’ve already got photography skills and experience photographing nurseries, then sports photography is the next obvious place to go.”

Tony Blood and his colleague Luke Furgeson from PicDay in Peterborough have conquered this area of photography that is rare in the UK market. The two have been active with sports photography jobs for the past two years now, “and the market is growing rapidly all the time”.

Directly learn from the experts about this new area of volume photography and why now is the time to break into this promising market.

The interview with Tony Blood covers:

  • What is volume sports photography?
  • How did he get started in that area? What is a good way to acquire sports photography jobs?
  • What are the benefits of sports photography? And why do school and nursery photographers have a head start?
  • What are the busy times in a sports photographer’s calendar?
  • What kinds of sports are suitable for sports jobs?
  • How can editing be managed efficiently?
  • What are the best backgrounds for sports photography?


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