Online Volume Sports Photography

Sports photography is becoming more and more popular and is a good opportunity for many photographers to position themselves even more broadly in the market. Below you will find some useful download packages and webinar recordings regarding this topic.



Sports Case Study with Carl Bott

Carl Bott, owner of CB Sports Photography, discusses how switching from paper to online sales has positively impacted his business and how GotPhoto has helped him be successful in this transition.

Download this exclusive case study (pdf) and get the story!

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Virtual Sports Workflow

A streamlined workflow is crucial to succeeding in volume photography, particularly when it comes to shooting sports groups. In recent years, there has been a growth in digitally created Virtual Teams throughout the industry, so that’s why we teamed up with Mitchell Moore and Virtual Darkroom to offer a new workflow solution.

This flyer runs through the key workflow steps of how virtual sports can work with GotPhoto.

If you are interested in using this workflow for your own sports jobs, please contact Nicole at:

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Switching to Online Volume Sports with Self Production

To be successful in high-volume sports photography, you need the right workflow and sales solution. If you self-fulfill, you might be wondering which system will fit your business needs best and give you the maximum benefit you are looking for.

Check out how studio owner Erik Smith of HSP Imaging uses GotPhoto to increase his sales while drastically reducing his picture day and post-production workflow in this free case study.

Interview covers:

  • Hours saved
  • Increase in order value
  • Favorite GotPhoto features
  • GotPhoto’s advantages over the competition

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How To Rock Sports Multi-Pose Photos

Parents love choice when it comes to buying photos, and it is no different in sports photography. But, how do you go about this as a sports photographer? What are the other benefits? Does it affect your workflow and time management to offer multi-pose shoots?

Join photographers Chris Keane, owner of CK Visuals, and Bob Kenward, owner of Fluvanna Photos, as they answer these questions in a panel discussion with Wes Kroninger, owner of Next Gen Solutions and host, Dom Bryant of GotPhoto.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Benefits of multi-pose photos
  • How to offer multi-pose shoots
  • Sales and results
  • How Next Gen supports multi-pose shoots
  • Q&A

Virtual Sports Workflow Demo

The sports market in volume photography is a very lucrative one, and therefore it is key to have a good workflow in place. In recent years, there has been a massive growth of digitally created Virtual Teams throughout the industry.

That’s why together with Mitchell Moore, president of PortraitEFX, we have developed a new workflow for virtual sports. Join us for this exclusive demo and walkthrough! 

Topics that will be covered:

  • The Use Case for Virtual Sports
  • Demonstration of Virtual Sports with GotPhoto
  • Q&A

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