Expert Interview: What A Contactless Nursery Picture Day Looks Like

Coronavirus has changed how school and nursery picture days will look like this year and perhaps for even longer.

One of the most difficult questions facing nursery photographers is: how to capture great photos with no contact?

With that in mind, we invitedd Steve Mussell, professional nursery photography and founder of NiceSmile, to answer this question, share his thoughts on what a nursery picture day will look like in the future, and how he is preparing for it.

He will answer questions on:
– His preparations for nursery picture day
– Why a contactless picture day makes sense
– What safety measures to take
– How you can handle no-touch posing
– And much more!

Steve will also share example images and stories of how he has achieved excellent images without touch posing.

If you have questions for Steve or regarding contactless school and nursery photography, please write to

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