Photography Price Guide: How Much to Charge for School Photos in 2018

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Each year, the selling price of photographs changes. Fluctuating factors, such as market competition and photo production costs, can influence the final price that photographers charge their customers. However, high-volume photographers hold a unique position in the photography landscape. Such photographers are differentiated due to the sentimental nature of the photos they take. Additionally, high-volume photographers have a lesser concern for increased competition, as administrators generally have limited options when choosing a photographer for their school.

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If high-volume photographers can’t follow the price trends of typical portrait or landscape photographers, just how do they price their photographs? Well, the price high-volume photographers can charge for their photos largely depends on a single factor: the type of customers they are serving. This means that, as a school photographer, you should stay aware of factors that could directly influence your business.

It is important to recognize the differences between buyers of school portraits. Clearly, parents in lower-income areas will not be as willing to pay top dollar for their children’s pictures compared to parents who live in more financially stable areas. Thus, it is important that photographers take the economic characteristics of their clientele into account in order to maximize their price structure.

With that being said, we present a general guide that photographers can use to improve their sales and revenue. Using our price list as a reference, photography prices can be tweaked and tailored according to the demographic being photographed.

A photo of a girl child

Individual Portraits

Panoramic Photo Prints with Mount:

12×5 – £ 18.90

18×8 – £ 21.90

Photo Prints with Mount:

7×5 – £ 9.90

8×6 – £ 10.90

10×8 – £ 15.90

Wallet & Multi Prints:

8x Wallet Prints 
1.75×2.5 £ 9.95

Multi 4 Photo Print
2.5×3.5 £ 9.95

Multi 8 Photo Print
2.5×3.5 £ 15.95

Product Packages

A group of photos

To increase sales and give your customers a sense of variety, we highly recommend that, in addition to individual products, you offer your customers product packages. These packages should ideally be priced between £ 18 and £ 80, with at least three different packages being offered. The cheapest package should give a 10% discount on the price of all photos in the pack, were they to be purchased individually. Additionally, the most expensive pack should give up to a 40% discount.

Classic Pack – £24.95:

2x Photo Print with Mount 5×4

1x Photo Print with Mount 7×5

1x Photo Print with Mount 8×6

Super Pack – £ 49.95:

2x Small Wallet Prints Set of 4

2x Photo Prints with Mount 5×4

2x Photo Prints with Mount 7×5

1x Photo Print with Mount 8×6

1x Photo Download Original Size

Premium Pack – £ 99.95:

3x Small Wallet Prints Set of 4

3x Photo Prints with Mount 5×4

4x Photo Prints with Mount 7×5

2x Photo Prints with Mount 8×6

1x Photo Print with Mount 10×8

3x Photo Download Original Size


1x Keyring – £ 5.95


1x Fridge Magnet 4×5 – £ 5.95


1x Mouse Mat – £ 12.95


1x Mug – £ 12.95


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