25 Examples of Inspirational School and Children Photography Websites From Around the World

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In an increasingly digital world, a school photographer’s website acts as the online face of their business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your website not only looks good, but reflects your company values and vision well.

To help you find the best look for your site, we have collected together some of what we think are great examples of school or portrait photography websites. Naturally, this list is not exhaustive but it covers a wide range of styles and formats. Browse through to pick out your favourite features and get some behind-the-scenes tips from the photographers themselves.

The most important things to pay attention to when building your school and nursery photography website are:

  • If you work in various photography disciplines, separate each form from the other clearly. Create a separate page for each type. For example, event and boudoir photography should have two separate pages linked out from your main website. Otherwise, visitors can get the impression of a general store that might damage their perception of your brand.
  • Concentrate on the most important points and make them stand out on your site. Instead of countless pages and galleries, concentrate on main points and orientate your website around school and nursery photography.
  • Make sure that your website is optimised for mobile use. More and more people primarily use their mobile devices to browse online. Social media and websites linked from there are often almost always used on mobile. A website that doesn’t look good on phones can put off potential customers.

Not all websites in the following list adhere to our three recommended points. Nonetheless, we liked the examples and are sure that you will too, or that they will help inspire your future ideas.

It is naturally all down to subjective opinions and no two people ever think exactly the same. These websites represent different styles that we found attractive. Be inspired by their different approaches, colours, features and gallery options…

Do you think your website has a special feature or unique look that other photographers should see? Leave a link to your site in the comments below for the opportunity to be featured in a future update!

School Photography Examples

Carmel Jane Photography

What we love: As a company that works in various different fields, Carmel Jane’s site clearly shows their diversity and makes it easy for users to quickly access the information relevant to them. This is vital in retaining the attention of browsing customers, who might otherwise get frustrated with a confusing site and simply click away. In addition, the website instantly conveys the personality of the business by stating their values and company culture on the homepage. Not only does this give visitors important information on what to expect, it also cements a clear image of their brand identity from the offset.

What they say: “We used a fantastic design agency who really worked with us to create an intuitive site that showcased all the different types of photography we do. As it is a WordPress site, we can now make additions and alterations in-house at no charge.”

Happy Days Photography

What we love: This company immediately incorporates different forms of media on their homepage, featuring an animated video that outlines their USPs. They also have a neat layout that alternates between text and photos, which helps to inform prospective customers quickly whilst also showcasing their best features. A monochrome colour scheme ties the whole site together well, putting special focus on the images as the main source of colour on the page.

Kleine Augenblicke

What we love: A clear and clean design gives a super professional edge to otherwise highly creative photos. The navigation bar is placed unusually at the bottom of the page, putting even more focus on the images themselves in the centre of the page, and encouraging the user to read through the whole page by breaking up traditional website structure. They also break the mould with lowercase typography that adds to their unique branding and ties in with the school photography industry at the same time.

What they say: “For us, it’s important that the design for the website reflects the style of our photos: light, clear, flowing, and focused on the important things.”

Kleine Leute Ganz Gross

What we love: The style of this site fully embraces the playfulness of child photography. Incorporating branded doodles and graphics on top of images of children gives it a homey yet still professional feel from the very first click. It also establishes very clear branding, especially when taken in contrast with the photographer’s other portfolio site. Both have a strong emphasis on branding and follow a similar structure, but also show how just a few graphics or stylistic touches can make a real difference in the type of audience you will attract.

What they say: “Nursery and family photography compliment each other perfectly. In a simple environment, the child is at the centre, and when it’s fun, the rest comes naturally. Cheeky, informal, child-orientated, and lively. I always look forward to the various new personalities and the trust that builds between us in such a short time.”

Kleine Pünktchen

What we love: Janine Wienieck’s Kleine Pünktchen is a great example of a professional website for a school or nursery photographer. From the first glance, Janine’s branding is clear and the visitor forms an emotional connection from the automatic video on the homepage. After a quick scroll, the visitor reaches her portfolio. The majority of the featured children wear black and white stripes, one of the main characteristics of Kleine Pünktchen. Together with the alternating black and white background, it creates a unified overall atmosphere to the website. What we particular like is the FAQ question and the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

Nicole Zausinger Fotografie

What we love: The mix of black and white versus colour photos filling the entire screen gives instant access to images once again, yet also keeps the user’s attention by changing colour frequently. When looking at further portfolios, clearly marked as family or school, the collage effect of showcasing the images further strengthens the classic and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere of the site. The simplistic background is really complimentary of the range of photos from Nicole here.

Portraits by Lisa

What we love: The heart of school photography is all about the images, and no one shows that better than Lisa Seidel of Portraits by Lisa. Her leisurely slideshow of child portraits rolling in the background of her homepage gives an instant taste of her skill as a photographer. Her categories for further information are then clearly marked and written in a chatty and personable style, giving a sense of the woman behind the photographs as well. Lisa’s logo is always in the top left corner of every page, giving a sense of continuity and increasing brand awareness no matter where you are on the site. Overall, we love her strong branding and the seamless integration of photos into the site alongside the text

What they say: “School photography is a perfect medium for me – I want everyone who steps in front of my camera be seen. I want to create a beautiful image of your unique and lovely face – and how it’s changed from year to year; and I want to encourage parents to purchase printed images.

“Digital copies tend to stay on hard drives, be forgotten, and die with the computer. Printed portraits are archival and bring joy. Prints in your home and sent to grandparents and other relatives reinforce to children that they are important and loved. So, I set out to make images in schools I’d be proud to sell as fine art portraiture. Images parents love.”

Sophia Johnson Photography

What we love: The handwritten logo gives instant personality to this simple design, and the fullscreen imagery is used to break up important sections of text. The website is also predominantly written in the first person, directly addressing the prospective customer or website visitor. This enhances the personal edge conveyed throughout the site and reflects the highly intimate and personalised nature of Sophia’s work, as a seniors photographer.

Family Photography

AdasGold Photography

What we love: A clear entrance page makes visitors stop and take notice of the initial message. Here, Adas has used one large image and minimal text to make this especially clear. Simply listing specialities makes it easy for prospective clients to access what they’re looking for and promotes a professional atmosphere from the beginning. On entering the full site, a simple side navigation bar leaves plenty of room to enjoy the stunning images of this photographer.

What they say: “As a natural light photographer, my shoots take me to so many different places, so no shoot is alike. I love that my website allows me to present that versatility without compromising on quality, giving my website visitors a true glimpse of who I am as a photographer through clean design and easy-to-navigate galleries.”

Anna Fairs

What we love: Many photographers have multiple business streams, and Anna does a great job of clearly differentiating between hers here. Visitors can click on the relevant image and heading to navigate to the part of the website that suits them. Not only does it avoid confusion, but the layout is highly aesthetic. The collage patterns break down further to give a wider insight into Anna’s portfolio when you get to the school photography portion of the site.

Anna Weinhold Photography

What we love: The watercolour header of Anna’s site here is a stunning and unique feature that really accentuates the images below and keeps a consistent theme throughout the site. An introduction to Anna is also grounded on the homepage, keeping her identity closely tied to her business, reflecting the intimacy of portrait photography. Furthermore, each section of her gallery has its own handwritten title, highlighting the individual dedication of the photographer to each section of her business.

Anne Deppe Photography

What we love: The tiled layout of the gallery seamlessly groups together the photos into one cohesive style, best demonstrated with the long-scroll structure to the site. Anne’s different photography categories are clearly labelled in the navigation tab, once again demonstrating the importance of easily differentiating between different types of work for multi-skilled photographers.

Augenscheinlich Fotografie

What we love: The unusual font chosen by Micha and Cindy here gives the whole site a personal touch and emphasises brand continuity throughout, without detracting from the gorgeous images. Each gallery gets its own description that emphasises the benefit to the customer and the personal attachment of the photographer to each job. This intimacy is backed up further by a scrolling carousel of testimonials, reinforcing the message with quotes from customers themselves.

Desertbloom Photography

What we love: The three column layout here means that the visitor gets instant access to a range of images, covering both seniors and families. Furthermore, the images chosen reflect the ‘Desertbloom’ branding, reinforcing the company identity from the very beginning. A muted colour scheme throughout the site means each page blends smoothly with the next, helping create consistency even between pages with different structures.

What they say: “I specialise in clean, classic photos that capture authentic moments.”

Freya Raby Creative Photography

What we love: A scrolling gallery adds animation to an otherwise classic and simple photography website. Furthermore, Freya has incorporated the colours of her logo in small ways throughout the entire website, from font colour to highlight bars.

In The Moment Photography

What we love: A simple homepage directs visitors to the most important part of a photographer’s website – the photos themselves. A continuous carousel of images adds depth to an otherwise simple homepage and the simple navigation bar keeps the page as a whole free of clutter.

Janis Olson Photography

What we love: A sliding gallery adds animation and a sense of versatility to the photography. The personable and friendly language throughout, from ‘Let’s Chat’ to a first-person ‘About’ section ties the photographer clearly to the company identity. The layout also best highlights the stunning images by staying static around the edges, framing the photos in the centre to their best advantage.

Jaime Seymour-Newton Photography

What we love: The use of a quote in the top of the homepage breaks with traditional photography website structure and encourages visitors to stop and take in the message of the site before moving on, thereby reinforcing brand identity. The navigation bar is also minimalistic, with simple and clear options making it quick and easy for prospective clients to get to what they need. This photography website doesn’t waste time or space with unnecessary extras, but simply does that it needs to do in the most aesthetic way possible.

Kamila Burkhard Fotografie

What we love: The layout of this photography website is instantly charming: having photos already presented in frames on the homepage gives prospective customers the immediate connection to how photos might appear in their homes. This personal connection helps make sure visitors are engaged with the content from their very first introduction to the site, and is a unique way to showcase a portfolio, especially for such a family-orientated business.

Kate L Photography

What we love: The use of colour here and the integration of graphics on top of images creates a strong look for Kate’s photography website from the homepage and throughout. The personality of photographer Kate herself is also clear and well-branded, with an introduction section on the homepage. She makes the most of this personal connection by also keeping up a thriving blog, detailing personal takes on photography and lifestyle. This capitalises on the personal and intimate nature of family photography and makes the brand identity far more accessible for visitors.

What they say: “My website was the result of six months of planning and revisions with the extremely talented Ryan at Second Street Creative. For the first time in my 11-year photography career, I finally feel that my site is a true reflection of what I try to capture in my clients’ photographs – warmth, colour, and joy. Investing in the site has brought me clients who I genuinely connect with. It has improved my workflow and organisation, and it has even improved my confidence because I’m proud of the ‘virtual face’ I’m putting forward every day. Worth every penny!”

Kate T. Parker

What we love: Fullscreen photos with a navigation bar fluidly integrated into the side means the photos really are the basis of this photographer’s website. This breaks down into smaller tiles when you delve further into Kate’s galleries, offering a wide range of photos on one screen without any need to scroll. A highly aesthetically pleasing way to showcase a photographer’s range.

Kuzilova Photography

What we love: The picture-heavy scrolling pages showcase this photographer’s work beautifully, with varying sizes to the images keeping it diverse and interesting throughout. A simple header navigation bar means that there is no text to get in the way of enjoying the photos themselves. This is an especially great style of website for a creative photographer with a diverse portfolio.

Larissa Lord

What we love: Small and simple fonts keep the images as the primary focus. Larissa’s website has a gentle and intimate tone to it, not being too obvious about the business element, but rather focusing on the experience of the client. This reflects her clear emphasis on the images throughout the site. A small navigation tab at the top makes the site easy to navigate, yet the large central logo and the stunning images as soon as you enter the site mean that the homepage speaks for itself in terms of highlighting Larissa’s photography style.

Lisa Jump

What we love: The calm carousel of impressive photos as the background brings clarity to the information box at the front and centre. This shopfront style website offers a snapshot of the brand identity, inviting visitors to scroll down for further information. This reveals a more traditional website layout for easy navigation, but the unique entrance panel makes this photography website stand out from the crowd.

Tali Dovrat Lifestyle Photography

What we love: A scrolling gallery is a great way to give fast access to a diverse range of photos, and Tali skilfully uses that to her advantage on the homepage. The handwritten-style of her logo also gives a personal touch to an otherwise polished photography portfolio site. Each page has new images, highlighting the depth and versatility of the photographer’s work. There is also promotion of social links and contact information on the homepage, making it easy to connect with prospective customers from the initial point of contact.

What they say: “I feel like I’ve been photographing my whole life. Sometimes with my camera, most days with my eyes. Everywhere I look I visualize the frame. Everything is a captured moment. I love being able to see and capture fleeting moments that a second or two later would be gone. This is real life, made up of many fleeting moments and I adore photography for its ability to preserve them. My aim is to capture what is, what happens, rather than creating a fake reality.”

Do you think your photography website has something special to it? Leave a link in the comments below for the chance to be featured in a future update!

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