School Photographer’s Go-To-Guide for Access Cards and QR Code Tagging

Blog  »  Business & Marketing, January 11, 2018, Marco Beinbrech

This blog post explains in detail on how to correctly use access cards for your photo shoot and the purpose of the QR code. 

A big hit with our customers, the QR Code feature removes the banal method of organising the order of your photos upon upload.

Follow these 4 simple steps on how to do it:

1. Creating the access card

  • Press ‘New Order’ in the admin area of
  • Click ‘Create’
  • Set the number of people who you will photograph as each person will require their own individual access card
  • Click the voucher option so that a voucher will be printed directly onto every access card 
  • Save these settings and generate the number of access cards you require
  • A PDF file with all the access cards will then be uploaded. Download this file and print it.

2. On the day of the shoot

  • Write the name of the child on the access card
  • Take a photo of the access card 
  • Then photograph the child as usual (if the child is photographed again, i.e. with siblings or parents – simply take another picture of the access card before you take more images. Our system will then merge all the photos into one access). 
  • After the shoot, give the access card to the parents.
  • Parents can then use the password on their card to log in to their personal online store where they will see all their child’s images. If using their phone, they can simply scan the QR code where they will then be automatically directed to their online shop. 

3. Uploading the photos

  • Edit the photos as usual
  • Upload the photos of all the access cards and child portraits 

4. QR Code Recognition & Password Activation

  • The QR codes will be automatically detected upon upload and will highlight in green
  • Have a quick look over the order ensuring that each QR code is followed by the corresponding child’s photos
  • Quickly check all QR codes were detected
  • Click ‘Enable Passwords’ and all photos will be linked to the appropriate parents’ passwords
  • When you are satisfied, activate the order so that parents can now purchase their images

Watch our video to see how:

Marco Beinbrech