New Feature: Registration for Photo Day

Blog  »  News & Updates, October 25, 2018, Paula Houben

This feature offers you the possibility to obtain the parents’ permission for photos of their children before the photo shoot day. In addition, this feature automatically creates a list of names from the information registered, which is useful for generating unique QR Cards and for student data exports such as SIMS.

How do I use this feature?

When you create a new Photo Job, you can choose “Registration for photo day” in the ‘Choose a method’ dropdown box in your Photo Job’s Settings tab. If you don’t see this option, make sure the “Access code for each person” box is selected for the Access Type.

You should then be able to select the registration deadline (up to seven days before the photo day), set the registration access code, and create extra QR Cards.

We recommend choosing an easy-to-remember access code to make it easy for the parents to log in, such as the school’s name followed by the year (e.g. “GotPhoto2018”).

As your customers register, you should see the number of registrations increase, and you can click on “See full list” in order to check who has registered. It’s a good idea to generate extra QR Cards for those who forget to register or in case you’ll need more for staff, groups, siblings, etc.

After making sure your customers are registered with the new tool, follow these useful tips to make sure the day itself goes smoothly.

With the chosen access code for registration, your customers can now log in from your online shop and enter their data, such as their email, name of their child/children, and the class/group they are in.

When your customer has filled in the form and clicked “Register now”, this data will automatically be added to a list of names in the Photo Job and to the QR Cards waiting to be generated. The QR Cards can then be created as usual from within your Photo Job.

Paula Houben