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Cloud based workflow system + our leading online shop

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Everything in One ´Single System

Streamline your high-volume
photography workflow, delight schools, and wow parents


Job Management

  • Assign photographers to jobs
  • Manage student data, various output formats available (e.g. PSPA format)

Name Tagging

  • Use “password cards” with our QR Code tagging or barcode system
  • Automatically create password protected galleries for each student
  • Photographers upload directly to your GotPhoto account (optional)


  • Use our automated cloud retouching system
  • Or streamline your retouching process

Online Sales

  • Impress parents with your easy-to-use, mobile-optimized online shop
  • Send automated Emails and SMS messages from your integrated CRM

Offline Sales (optional)

  • Create paper order forms / proof cards
  • Enter orders directly into your GotPhoto system


  • Produce in-house or outsource to partner labs
  • Directly link your minilabs to the cloud by using our lab software EasyLab
  • Reduce errors by tracking the order status from production to packaging and delivery

Customer Service

  • Use our integrated complaint management system to handle customer enquiries efficiently
  • Your customer service can communicate with in-production staff or lab and has the ability to reproduce old orders with one click – detailed complaint statistics help you to improve your production workflow
  • School service portal: provide insights into revenue statistics and school database exports
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How Your Enterprise Will Benefit

faster, more accurate, up-to-date

Reduced Manual Labour

Forget about different admin interfaces, manual handovers, and costly system maintenance. Streamline your workflow.

Improve Productivity

Connect people, processes, and technologies within your enterprise. Everyone has access to the information they need anytime.

Increase Accuracy

Reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction. Everything is interconnected, allowing you to have more accurate results & statistics.

Stay Up-to-Date

We continuously expand our system to assure you that your business gets the best online platform available. Receive updates without the price tag of maintaining your own system.

No Tech Guy in Your Company?

Our integration team will happily support you
every step of the way with all of the technical details

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