You’re New to Online?

With over 87% of British consumers making online purchases in 2020, the pandemic has lead to an even larger uptake in online purchasing. When your business is selling photos it only makes sense to have a visual purchase sold online.


Online Myths

Online Facts

Parents haven’t got internet Parents have had to have internet in the home for virtual classes
Schools don’t want online Schools prefer online as there is less work, less interruption and no cash collection
I will make less money More variety, incentives, marketing notifications and mix-and-match packs lead to higher average spends online
With GDPR in place, photos cannot be sold online In many instances selling photos online through password-secured individual galleries is more GDPR-compliant than selling through proofs

Testimonial Hybrid Proofs Online vs. Proof Cards

“Since the Pandemic we made the decision to not print proof cards anymore. We haven’t seen any drop off in sales at all since going 100% online with GotPhoto (we ran a Hybrid model previously) and in fact in many cases the sales have improved. A lot of companies like us have been doing proofs the same way for so long and they feel that changing that could affect sales or that people won’t be able to order.”

– Matt McDowall
Churchbury Photographic

Hybrid Proofs

Transition Made Easy

Parents choose between ordering online or on paper


School reaches a 90% online order rate

Remove the proof cards from that job the following season.


Move online on your terms

Book a consultation to tell us what you need.

Still not convinced?

Ask yourself if your business is struggling with some of the limitations of proof cards


Advantages of


Limitations of

Proof Cards

Customer Data Potential buyer & customer data is conveniently collected in the built-in database Only ordering customers’ data can be collected
Shop Experience Fully mobile optimised online gallery with unlimited pictures, zoom, cropping and effects, parents can purchase all year round A3/A4 proof card with limited amount of pictures – analogue experience
Siblings/Groups Order from one gallery, sibling packages, group add ons, composite tool Separate group, sibling and individual order forms
Marketing Customisable text and email marketing No further communication outside of proof cards
Upselling Intelligent integrated upselling tools Fixed presentation, not interactive for customer
Production Effort Fully automated production workflow and fulfilment Time-consuming inputting of proof card orders
Customer Service Tool Inclusive customer service tool directs queries where they need to go (lab, photographer, GotPhoto); schools are not involved Phone calls to lab, school and parents
Costs No upfront costs; flat, transparent service fee, option to utilise cheap and easy hybrid proofs Printing costs for proof cards and high labour costs (dropping off & collecting proofs, picking up & delivering orders, etc.)
Payments Online, secure, guaranteed, easy, parent pays direct to your stripe account Cumbersome & time-consuming: collecting cash, bounced cheques, hand written card info, school responsibility
Postage Full flexibility: either bulk by batch or direct to home, instant digital delivery Inflexible and short batch window, manual digital delivery

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