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Photo Editing Service

We support you all the way

Whether it’s culling, cropping, editing or extracting, we are there to support you. Join the successful photographers using our editing service and invest the time you save in acquisition and making your business thrive.

Your Advantages:

  • Average processing time – 2 business days
  • Multiple Editing Options – New reduced prices for autumn season
  • 100% Your Style
  • Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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Editing Options


We select the best photo per subject or a specific number of photos per child.

Price: £0.03 per photo


Crop, Rotate, Center, Align, and Scale.

Price: £0.02 per photo


Exposure, White Balance, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpen, Color Correction, Black & White Filter, Straighten

Price: £0.08 per photos


Knock-out the background – Returned as png with transparent background

 Price: £0.23 per photos

The Benefits

Multiple Editing Options – Further Detail

  • 3 Packages: Culling, Cropping, Extracting and Photo Editing.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Foolproof check of the edited images before they are reloaded into the system.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, we will refund the money of your first image processing order

100% Your Style

  • Our photo editing service is based on the reference images you provide.

Processing Time max. 2 business days

  • Allows better planning for the sales launch
  • Parents get their photos faster

“The editing service is very fairly priced and really helps me save time.”

– Carrie, Co Photography & Design

We use the GotPhoto editing service on over 50 jobs per season. The standard of edit is good and it saves us loads of time. If we are unhappy with an edit we consult with them and they have always been happy to make the required changes.

How It Works


Commission Photo Processing

  • Upload photos
  • Go to Photo Editing
  • Choose your preferred editing service
  • Your personal style is retained – Upload photos for reference so we can edit your photos according to your personal style
  • Send the photos editing job to GotPhoto

Photo Editing Begins

  • Your request will be reviewed by us and forwarded for processing
  • You will receive a message about the expected processing time (up to 2 business days)

Final Proof Check

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Check if the edited photos match your needs
  • If you request alterations, your photos will be customised to your liking
  • If you are happy with the editing, the pictures are uploaded with a simple click back into your photo order

Free Trial

Use all of GotPhoto’s functions without restrictions. The test phase will not be renewed automatically.

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