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Photographer Showcase: Erica Morrow

Introducing Erica Morrow of Slow Road Photo. Our photographers are the heart of our business and the reason we do what we do. That’s why we want to put the spotlight on them, starting with Erica. Read on for her personal take on all things school photography, from her setup to interacting with kids.

About Erica

“I’m always on the hunt for honesty, joyful family moments, and beautiful natural light. When I’m not making animal noises and singing silly songs from behind the camera, you can find me embracing my own beautifully messy and altogether lovely Slow Road with my husband and my three elementary-aged children.”

Technical Setup?

“I only shoot with prime lenses, mainly a 50 mm 1.2, or a 35 mm 1.8. I like to be the zoom lens by moving around to get the perfect angle, as opposed to relying on my lens for that. I always use natural light, even in the studio. I make sure that my clients are facing or adjacent to a window and then I position myself to make sure I am not blocking the light! Embracing some of the moodiness that comes from playing with natural shadows creates a look I just love!

I also have my studio decorated to feel like someone’s house. That bed in the image is in the studio, and I love asking siblings to cuddle up on it!”

Interacting with Kids?

“I want to keep my setup as minimal as possible. The more casual I am and the less intimidating my setup is, the more comfortable the students are – and comfortable kiddos are the number one ingredient for authentic photos! At all costs, I will never ask a child to smile or say cheese. Instead, I try to keep the atmosphere really fun and silly so that they will give me their most authentic facial expressions possible!”

Why GotPhoto?

“GotPhoto is the main reason why I have been able to scale my business. Taking the parent communication and ordering off my plate has allowed me to add schools without adding a ton of extra work.”

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