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Advanced School Photography Masterclass

Join Lee Brooker for a free, advanced masterclass for seasoned volume school photographers! This deep-dive is tailored to help you grow your school photography business to be even more successful.

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The Masterclass includes the following five courses:

  • 1 – Mastering Acquisition to Grow Your Business
    • Acqusition methods: templates, approaches, workflows
    • How to grow your business
  • 2 – How to Manage Your Workflow from Booking to Delivery
    • Organizational tips for the smoothest job
    • Own production–why, pros vs. cons
    • Workflow tips for efficient post-processing
    • When to outsource and how GotPhoto makes it easy
  • 3 –  Top Tips on How to Make Your Business Stand Out
  • 4 –  Transforming Sales Data into Powerful Growth
    • Understanding your data, your results–analysis and takeaways
    • Delve into stats, how Lee grew his business successfully
  • 5 – Pricing Secrets and Profitability
    • Pricing strategies and packages
    • Adjustments in pricing – the how and why
    • School commissions

Our Presenter

Lee Brooker has many years of experience in the world of UK School Photography. Since starting as a photographer at a large UK company, Lee worked through the ranks and helped build it into a multi-million-pound business employing more than 55 photographers across the UK.

In 2018 Lee set up his own business, Happy Days Photography, and built it up into a six-figure business in just 18 months, before topping seven figures for the first time this year. His experience and lessons learned in the world of business will prove useful and help you on your journey to succeed in school photography.