Contactless Posing with Matthew ‘The Body’ Kemmetmeuller

Coronavirus has certainly changed the volume photography industry. Social distancing is here to stay and the safety of students, families, and teachers is paramount.

But contactless photography means picture days can still go ahead. That is why GotPhoto USA teamed up with American photographer Matthew ‘The Body’ Kemmetmeuller of Kemmetmeuller Photography to get his tips in this walkthrough video on how to provide a safe and memorable picture day.

Disclaimer: This video was produced with an American client of GotPhoto, but the ideas here can equally be applied to the UK market.

Want to know more about contactless posing? Matthew is happy to be contacted at

Matthew also has an awesome Facebook group dedicated to school, sports, and volume photographers! Check it out here.

Interested in Contactless Photography?

GotPhoto has set up a dedicated task force to actively build the future of the volume photography industry with you during this time. We have already released some useful materials and have much more in the works!