Contactless School Photography

Schools, nurseries, teachers, children, and parents are all facing challenges due to the Coronavirus. Relieve the nurseries and schools of the burden and offer contactless school photography.

Reassure them with a prepared safety concept you are fully prepared for the next picture day.

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Contactless School Photography UK

All materials you need

Contactless School Photography Video Pack
Contactless Photography Flyer
How To Communicate “The New Normal” to Schools Whitepaper
Group Photo Templates
Customisable Pre-Registration Posters
How Contactless School Photography Works
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“Photographers should be able to say with justification: ‘I did everything to protect myself, and even if there was a case in this nursery or school – I wore my mask, took precautions and I am not one of the people who have to be quarantined now.

“You’re doing this to protect yourself, but also to keep your profession free from any suspicion of spreading the disease.”

Dr. med. Clara Schlaich – specialist in internal medicine and occupational medicine.

Take Contactless and Safe Photos –
How It Works

1. Registration

Parents register their child or children online for the photo day.

You can download customisiable pre-registration posters here.

2. Photo Day

You take all necessary safety precautions according to the guidelines laid out by the Government.

Wondering how to offer contactless posing? Check out this handy video!

3. Order Online

Parents order online and have the products delivered directly to their homes.

Contactless School Photography Videos

Contactless School Photography Explainer Video
Contactless School Photography Explainer Video

It is important to clearly explain to schools, nurseries, and parents what the new picture day will look like. That’s why we created these helpful animated videos you can send to schools, nurseries, and parents that outline the process. You can even customise them.

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What Are Other Countries Doing?

Learn more by watching our webinar on How Coronavirus Will Change School Photography.

Benefits for Everyone Involved

✓ Maximum Health and Safety

You are able to meet all official healthy and safety guidelines and respond to the needs of children, parents and establishments.

✓ Offer A Sense of Normality

You demonstrate to schools and families you are prepared for the ‘new normal’, and can offer schools help with tricky items such as photo IDs.

✓ The Usual High Quality

Photos are delivered directly to the parents in the usual high quality. This reduces risks, but also significantly reduces the effort for the establishment.

Our Safety Concept

Safety Concept UK
Safety Concept UK

Our safety concept will help demonstrate to schools and nurseries you are prepared and reassure them that you can still offer a safe and memorable picture day.

The safety concept includes measures on the following points:

  • Minimum distance and protective equipment
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Dealing with suspected cases
  • Contactless ordering, among other things

Please note this is a PDF of the safety concept.

Free Safety Concept