Enterprise features

GotPhoto is a scalable cloud-based platform that helps
you maximize revenue while driving down manual labor

Flexible production options

Link your minilabs directly to GotPhoto or outsource production to our partner labs.

Integrate with your software

Keep existing investments. GotPhoto integrates with your workflow.

Create proof cards

Create proof cards and order forms directly from GotPhoto. Our proof cards not only look beautiful, they’re also designed to sell.

Prepay (coming soon)

Keep all data in one system. The innovative way of doing prepay.

Offline and online sales side by side

Use GotPhoto to sell online and process your offline proof cards. Alternatively, you can continue to process proof cards independently from GotPhoto.

Assign photographers to jobs

Assign your employees to photo jobs. Let photographers upload directly to your cloud platform (optional).

Add multiple users (paid service)

You can add additional users to your account. We charge $10 per month for each additional user.

Order status tracking

Reduce errors by tracking order statuses from production to packaging and delivery.

Automated retouching (coming soon)

We are currently developing an automated cloud retouching system to help you save time.

Integration with SIMS and more

Produce data that can be imported directly into school management systems, such as SIMS.

School service portal

Provide insights into revenue statistics and school database export. You can decide how transparent you want to make the sales process to schools.

Enterprise customization

Enhance your online sales with our help. We develop specialized individual features for Enterprise customers.

Customer service section

Your customer service staff can handle requests from parents directly from a dedicated customer service section in your administration panel.

Simple complaint management

Customer service can communicate effortlessly with production staff and has the ability to reproduce old orders with one click.

Outsource customer support

If required, we can provide customer support for parents.

Process mapping

We offer free process mapping and detailed analysis of your entire workflow, from shoot to customer support. Thus, you can identify weaknesses in your current process.

Dedicated customer success manager

Our dedicated customer success and project managers help you not only run your online photography business, but improve it.

On-site coaching and onboarding

Our Integration Team is available for phone support and on-site visits anywhere worldwide to ensure that your transition to GotPhoto is smooth, fast, and painless.

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