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Our sales features will help you
win jobs in an intensely competitive market

Sales templates

We offer many sales brochures, business card templates and more, so you can start selling your business in no time.

Acquisition guides

Benefit from our comprehensive collection of guides and articles on customer acquisition for school and nursery photography.

Acquisition webinars

Learn from our experts. We will show you the best practices for winning new jobs and give you proven tips for your next sales pitch.

Best sales arguments

Online selling offers a better service and takes away all the monotonous administrative work from schools. With these arguments, you will certainly win more business.

School portal

Increase trust and transparency by giving schools access to your order statistics. You define exactly what they can see.

Offer schools convenient shipping

Convenience is a strong sales argument: with GotPhoto you can offer both direct shipping to parents and batch shipping to the school.

Easy-to-use SEO tools

Rank highly in search engines with SEO-friendly themes, title and header tags, meta descriptions, and much more.

Social media integration

Integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter und Google+ to increase your online visibility and presence.

Increase your sales

GotPhoto comes with powerful tools that will increase your sales and profits

Integrated customer database (CRM)

Automatically build your customer database and centrally manage your customer data. Use your contacts to offer promotions and incentivize repeat sales.

Visitor sign-up

Capture your visitors’ emails automatically. The data will be stored in your built-in customer database. You will then be able to use the data to send personalised emails.

Personalised email templates

Create beautiful and personalised newsletters with a customer’s photo album preview. Choose from a variety of templates for any occasion.

Email and SMS workflows

With GotPhoto’s automated workflows, you can easily create a series of trigger-based emails or text messages that are automatically sent to your customers.

Online and offline coupon codes

Create urgency and increase buying pressure with discounts for certain order amounts, free shipping and expiring galleries.

Sales promotion templates

Proof cards, contact sheets, price lists – we provide a variety of specialised customizable templates for better sales. We are continuously updating and improving templates and sales materials for you.

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